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What's the best hydroponics system for small grows? You're looking at it. The SuperPonics 8 is where compact meets impact. This cultivation container is the first, and biggest step you'll ever take towards growing high quality flowers, herbs, and green in an efficient, soil-free environment. 

With the SuperPonics 8, you have a long, leafy life of potent, vigorous growth ahead–at up to 5x faster than systems that slack off.

Let's run down some of these top-of-the-line features.

Plug and Play Assembly

Ever hear of the KISS method? We're living it. The SuperPonics 8 comes straight out of the box ready to fill and fertilize. With no fiddly little parts to lose, loosen, or lapse, this custom-molded simplicity keeps your setup lasting longer and growing stronger. And with our 'just add water' approach to construction, you'll be up and running in no time. Forget the pizza and beer, this can be a solo project for almost anyone!

Built-in "Sunscreen"

Our thick, food-grade plastic housing doesn't just look good.  It's great for growing! Your hydroponic system working in tandem with a grow light means any casing gets hit with UV rays! On inferior materials, that means flaws and cracks. Whack. We made the SuperPonic 8 in a cooling, heat reflective color with natural ultraviolet resistance so you can use the right light with no worries. Whether you're growing on a 12 12, 18 6, or 27/7 lighting schedule, you're guaranteed a leak-free growing experience for life!

Twin Feeding Systems

Staying ready > Getting ready all day, every day. That's why the SuperPonics 8 doesn't just have one feeding system, it has two! Aeroponics and deep water culture combine to bubble oxygenated water onto roots, and feed water down from the top. Both systems operate independently, so they act as each other's backup! Nothing like having a failsafe.

Strong and Silent

White noise is fine for spas and sleep, but let's be real…no one wants a babbling brook in their grow tent. You have a choice here. You can live in a mid-tier massage parlor…or you can let the SuperPonics 8 work its magic in your cultivation station. A powerful 132 gallon per hour water pump of our own design circulates your H2O, fights off stagnation-related infestations, and powers the top watering system. An Eco Air oxygenator powers the aeroponic portion of the operations blasting bubbles and keeping quiet. Both matter movers are magnet, ceramic, and ball bearing driven–totally oil free, and as soft as a careless whisper. Hear all that nothing? You're welcome!

Vacation-Proofing Included

Ever wanted a robot butler? You've got one now! Automated lighting and watering controls are built right into the SuperPonic 8– meaning you can keep those plant-sitter blues at bay while you grow your greens! Simulate seasonal lighting and tune watering schedules with ease, and take that trip breathing easy. 

Order only, not carried in store.
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