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Unleash the Flavor: N2U's Exclusive New Year's Haul for Dabbing Connoisseurs!

Unleash the Flavor: N2U's Exclusive New Year's Haul for Dabbing Connoisseurs!

As the festive season winds down, N2U welcomes the new year with an enticing collection of high-end dabbing devices. We hope your holidays were filled with joy, and now, let's embark on a journey into 2023 with a unique selection to enhance your dabbing experience.

Octavehightech Terp Timer: Version 1.2

Precision meets style with the Octavehightech Terp Timer Version 1.2. Featuring a color-changing screen, embossed magnetic base, and an improved UI, this desktop wireless thermal sensor lets you dial in the exact temperature for your concentrates. The battery lasts 2-3 months per charge, ensuring consistent performance. In stock and ready to ship from California.

Pulsar Elite Series | Micro eNail Kit w/ Carb Cap

For a top-tier dabbing setup, explore the Pulsar Elite Series Micro eNail Kit. This comprehensive kit includes a digital screen Power and Temperature Control Box, a Grade 2 titanium universal nail (with six sizes in one!), a titanium carb cap, and more. With precise temperature control and a 1-year warranty on the control box, this kit is a must-have for dabbing enthusiasts.

Lookah Q7 Mini Enail Banger

Step into 2023 with the Lookah Q7 Mini—the latest E-nail dabber that's smaller, sleeker, and easier to use. With a 950mAh battery, 710-thread quartz atomizer range, and three adjustable voltage settings, the Q7 Mini offers 80 to 100 uses on a single charge. The low vaping temperatures preserve terpenes and flavonoids, ensuring a flavorful vaping experience. Easy to use and easy to clean, the Q7 Mini adds a touch of sophistication to your dabbing routine.

Whether you're drawn to the cutting-edge features of the Terp Timer, the comprehensive kit of the Pulsar Elite Series, or the sleek design of the Lookah Q7 Mini, N2U has curated a selection to cater to every dabbing connoisseur's preferences. May your new year be filled with flavorful hits, smooth sessions, and exciting dabbing adventures!

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