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February's Learning Extravaganza at N2U Hemp Company: Love and Greenery Unite!

Updated: Feb 6

Greetings, N2U enthusiasts! February is upon us, and we're thrilled to unveil a series of exciting classes set to take place at the N2U Hemp Company. Dive into the details and mark your calendars for a month filled with knowledge, creativity, and green goodness.

1. Infused Icing Valentine's Cookie Decorating Class: Saturday, February 10th

Indulge your senses and unleash your creativity at our Infused Icing Valentine's Cookie Decorating Class! Join us on Saturday, February 10th, at N2U Hemp Company for a sweet experience. Instructors will guide you through decorating delicious treats using infused icing. Get ready to elevate your cookie game in the spirit of Valentine's Day!

2. Coconut Oil Class: Saturday, February 17th

Explore the wonders of coconut oil on Saturday, February 17th, at N2U Hemp Company. Our expert instructors will share insights into the properties and benefits of coconut oil, demonstrating its versatility. Learn how to infuse coconut oil and discover its potential for enhancing your daily routine.

3. Grow Class: Clones and Cloning: Saturday, February 24th

Calling all green enthusiasts! On Saturday, February 24th, join us at N2U Hemp Company for a Grow Class that explores the art of clones and cloning marijuana plants. Our experienced instructors will provide valuable insights, perfect for both seasoned growers and those just starting their green journey.

Ready to dive into February's learning spree? Secure your spots for these classes at N2U Hemp Company, and stay tuned for sign-up sheets with specific times closer to class dates. Let's make this month a celebration of growth, knowledge, and community at N2U!

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댓글 2개

What time does the cookie deco start?

N2U Hemp Co.
N2U Hemp Co.
2월 07일
답글 상대:

It will be starting at 6:00pm and last about an hour. We still have sign-up slots available so be sure to stop by!

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