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Got big plans for big plants? If so, make room for the SuperPonics XL 12! Made to handle larger grows with ease, style, and efficacy, this is the hydroponic setup to get your crops to pop! 


Not only can you expect up to 5x faster growth, you and your grow will also benefit from the California cultivator ingenuity and yield enhancing engineering that goes into every unit. Expect your grow in our gear to get you high–high flavor, high quality, and high expectations for every harvest after! 


Here’s what you’ll get in every assembly.

Easy Setup

Time spent tinkering with trays means slower going and slower growing. Lucky for you, this ain't Ikea.  


The SuperPonics XL 12 comes out of the box, ready to plug, plant, and play–no allen wrenches, spare washers, or pizza-paid friends required for assembly. Our custom-molded 35 gallon design was made with sturdiness and simplicity in mind so your set up is fast, and your setup will last.

Functional Style


Everything in the wild has its build and color for a reason. Sharks are pale on bottom and dark on top to disguise themselves in the ocean. Certain herbs develop strong odors and sticky trichomes to reduce insect consumption and keep seed spreading humans like us interested in protecting them. The SuperPonics XL 12 was made to echo these forces of nature right from your very own grow space


The generous curves of the XL are made from UV resistant, food grade plastic, in a cooling, heat reflecting bright white. That means no chemicals leaching into your plants or your harvests, less time spent on temperature control, and no cracks through constant grow light exposure for years and years of growing! Thick sides save lives!

Doubledown Feed System


What's better than one top tier, growth enhancing feeding method? Two top tier, growth enhancing feeding methods! We paired our waterworks with one of the most trusted manufacturers in aeroponics to bring growers independent feeding systems that work together, but go down separately if anything skips a beat! This combo of deep water culture nourishment and dropping from the top gives your grow the extra helping it needs to bring you the yields of your wildest dreams from each 3.75" deep cup. No need to pinch yourself…you could be living it!

Powerfully Quiet

Teddy Roosevelt said 'Speak softly and carry a big stick'. He probably didn't mean the highly vascular stems and stalks you can expect from growing with the SuperPonics XL 12, but that's just because he didn't know any better. The dual systems powering your new best friend consist of an Eco Air 4 oxygenator and a spicy 185 gallon per hour pump keep things moving smoothly to stave off stagnation. Both units are magnet operated and oil-free with ceramic components, to keep things sweet and discreet! No need to shout–your hydro setup won't drown you out!

Automation Attached

Do you dread vacations? Knowing your poor plants could wither on the vine without you there to care? Well book your tickets, and leave those fears in the TSA trash can. The SuperPonics XL 12 comes with automated lighting and watering controls built right in! You can simulate the seasons, control water flow, and skip all those plant-sitter horror story scenarios for good.

Order only, not carried in store.
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