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Mars Hydro TS 1000 Full Spectrum Dimmable 150W LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro TS 1000 Full Spectrum Dimmable 150W LED Grow Light


Low Energy-Consuming LED Grow Light:

Consuming 150w and also mounted with 354 chips, Mars Hydro TS1000 has the ability to replace a 250w HPS light while reducing 40% power intake.

High Efficiency LED Grow Light:

With overall light output PPF 343umol/S as well as amazing PPE 2.3 umol/j, it's 50%, even more, photon efficient and can assure a 30% more return than the old HPS/MH lights - very energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Patent Highly-Reflective Hood Shape:

The reflector design on TS1000 LED lighting is patented, which can effectively gather the light dispersed in all directions to enhance its light intensity as well as assist plants in absorbing more light.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights:

By the unique mix of spectra that makes most light in the PAR (400-700nm) waveband, incredibly conducive to plant photosynthesis. Adequate IR(730-740nm) is additionally used in the range to generate larger buds.

Dimming And Daisy Chain Feature Available:

Upon an independent dimming button on the external driver, backing 0-100% settings adaptation and up to 30 LEDs daisy-chained in a group, TS1000 supplies different light levels for various plant stages meanwhile saving energy.

Safety Certifications And Service Warranty:

CE, ETL, RoHS, UKCA security certifications, 50,000 hours durability, 5-year service warranty, and local after-sales repair centres.
Pre-order only, not carried in store.
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