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Mars Hydro SP 3000 LED Grow Light + 2'X4'(60X120CM) Complete Grow Tent Kit

Mars Hydro SP 3000 LED Grow Light + 2'X4'(60X120CM) Complete Grow Tent Kit


SP3000 2’x4’ Grow Tent Kit Include:

SP3000 LED Grow Light / 2’x4’ Indoor Grow Tent / 4’’ Inline Fan / 4’’ Carbon Filter / 25’ Duct Tube / Timer / 4 pcs of 5-Gallon Grow Bags / 2’x4’ Grow Net


Quality Light Care:

Mounted with Samsung LM301B diodes and 660nm dark red Osram diodes, SP3000 consumes 300 watts and offers 2.8umol/j efficacy, delivering significant PAR for plant growth and boosting your yields through year-round production. It has broad spectra with an enhanced red that contributes to flowering.


Private And Sturdy Grow Area:

The Mars Hydro 2'x4' grow tent utilizes 1680D canvas to avoid light leakage, a reflective interior to increase light intensity, and an iron frame to set up a reliable grow room where growers can control the growing environment easily and privately.


Potent Ventilation And Filtration System:

The 4'' inline fan provides a powerful 350CFM airflow while running silently, and can transfer fresh air in and out to preserve a well-balanced environment setting. The 6'' carbon filter helps eliminate harmful fumes and strong odors from the grow room while the inline fan is operating.


Useful Gadgets For Indoor Growing:

A timer schedules automatic control over the LED grow lights. A precise hygrometer helps timely cope with the temperature and humidity of your grow rooms. Grow bags and grow net make it easier to organize your plants.
Order only, not carried in store.
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