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Mars Hydro FC-E6500 LED Grow Light + 5'x5' Complete Grow Tent Kits

Mars Hydro FC-E6500 LED Grow Light + 5'x5' Complete Grow Tent Kits


FC-E6500 5'x5' Grow Tent Kits Include: FC-E6500 LED Grow Light (730W) / 150x150x200cm Indoor Grow Tent / 6'' Inline Fan / 6'' Carbon Filter / 25' Duct Tube / 6 pcs of 5 gallon Grow Bags / 3 Duct Clapms

Quality LED Grow Lighting: FC-E6500 LED grow light is a bar style LED, with full spectrum and photon efficacy to 2.8μmol/j to maximize yields, produce uniform crops and reduce thermal waste.

Best Grow Tent For Indoor Plants: Premium 1680D canvas enclosed to prevent light leaking, reflective mylar in diamond patter to optimize light performance by light refractions, metal framework durable enough to hold 2X more weight than other standard grow tent kits.

Quiet Inline Fan And Carbon Filter: 6 inch inline fan with 10 fan speed and low noise of 32dBA outputs airflowfrom 10CFM to 402CFM, sufficient to cool and circulate the entire grow tent kits, paired with activated charcoal filter to eliminate odors and harmful airborne particles, to set up a reliable ventilation system for plant grow tents.

Useful Grow Tent Accessories: Include ducting and duct clamps to put inline fan and filter together tightly, 5 gallon grow bags as plant containers to hold plants in a healthy environment, to meet the plant for a convenient complete grow tent kit.

Complete Indoor Grow Tent System: High quality LED grow light - full spectrum lighting and bar style for a scientific and uniform light spread. Premium grow tent - 1680D canvas and reflective diamond mylar for an enclosed grow space. Quiet inline fan and carbon filter for air filtration and circulating; Durable fabric grow bags to hold your plants in healthy environment; Useful grow tent accessories clamps that would help you grow easilier.

Order only, not carried in store.
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