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Mars Hydro FC-E4800 BridgeLux 480W Smart Grow System LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro FC-E4800 BridgeLux 480W Smart Grow System LED Grow Light


Upgraded Installation Method:

New snap-in design supports growers to install and remove the light bars easier.


Smart Grow System:

A smart LED grow light that supports mobile control and scheduling via the Mars Hydro app. More integrated intelligent products should be included soon.


Professional LED Performance:

The Mars Hydro FC-E4800 intelligent grow light is a 480 watt LED grow light that offers an efficiency of 2.8 µmol/d and a photon flux of 1331 µmol/s. It features a full-spectrum white light that is best for plants from seedling to harvest.The light bars will disconnect and the power will be cut off. The Smart FC-E 4800 is designed for tent growers and commercial vegetative growth.


Remote control and OTA data transmission:

Mobile access to LED lighting in the Mars Hydro App via WiFi. All data and settings are stored and transmitted via OTA technology. Easily control your grow lights and plan your grow plans with a tap of your mobile screen, anywhere, anytime.


Precise Setup & Auto Dimming:

Light intensity can be precisely adjusted by year/month/day/hour/minute for dynamic light levels to fit your growing schedules. Shading schedules run automatically when set up to ensure full growth from seed to harvest. [Three predefined growth schedules have been prepared in advance for your review.] It provides the ability to simulate sunrise and sunset to mimic plants' natural photoperiod by evenly dividing the scheduled time into 12 segments that represent thelight levels going from 0 to 100% for the first 6 hour segments and from 100% to 0 for the last 6 hour segments.


Independent control of several lights at the same time:

switching and dimming of several lights of the FC-E 4800 system (up to 100) without additional cables.Even in separate rooms or tents, the app can split the LED lighting into different lighting groups to allow independent management and facilitate monitoring and planning of different crops in progress without disturbing each other's plans.
Pre-order only, not carried in store.
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