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Mars Hydro 4x8 Grow Tent - 96''X48''X80''(240X120X200cm)

Mars Hydro 4x8 Grow Tent - 96''X48''X80''(240X120X200cm)


No Light Leakage:

The Mars Hydro 4x8 grow tent is comprised of tear-resistant 1680D canvas, as well as heavy-duty SBS zippers and double-stitched seams to keep light out and any unintended tears from pulling.

Sturdy & Portable Indoor Grow Tent:

With metal corner adapters and poles, your grow equipment can be securely held up as this 8x4 grow tent can withstand up to 270 lbs. Despite its sturdy construction, the entire structure is lightweight and easy to assemble, making it portable even after the grow tent is fully constructed. This allows you to relocate it as needed for specific demands or to adapt to varying climate conditions, perfect for both soil and hydroponic grow.

25% More Light Intensity:

The reflective diamond mylar incorporated in the grow tent reflects dispersed light back onto the plants, thereby improving light effectiveness by 25%. This results in an increase in the plant's health and yield. The diamond pattern on the reflective mylar is the product of extensive research and experimentation, which has established it as the most effective reflecting pattern for grow tents.

Mars Hydro Grower-Friendly Designs:

Dual sleeve vent ports allow for a flexible ventilation system setup - growers can seal the tent by tightening the exterior vents with elastic nylon rope. The removable floor tray allows for simple cleanup and prevents water or nutrient solution spills from ruining the bottom of your tent and your floor. The mesh viewing window allows for quick plant monitoring without having to unzip the tent and disrupt the tent's already controlled growing environment.

Temperature Control and Privacy:

Growers can effectively control the temperature inside the 8x4 grow tent and grow plants all year round in a private and safe environment, with complete control over the humidity, temperature, and lighting of the grow tent.

Pre-order only, not carried in store.
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